With tens of thousands of new cases reported every day, Shanghai has become the epicenter of the latest Covid-19 outbreak in mainland China.

The Shanghai Health Commission reported a total of around 19,400 new COVID infections in the city on April 24. The figure was much higher, at roughly 23 thousand new cases on April 22.

Unlike the rest of the world, China maintains and strengthens its Zero-COVID policy. The city’s ongoing lockdown has caused basic necessity shortages, sparking anger and severe frustration among its residents.

Frustrations and cries for help are circulating across the internet.

A recent widely shared video among media outlets has taken an emotional toll.

In the video, Shanghai residents were shouting after being stranded in their homes due to recent coronavirus restrictions. A bystander asked how long this situation would last.

People also shared complaints on Weibo, China’s microblogging platform.

Alice Su, Senior China Correspondent at the Economist, shared a video on Twitter.

She said, “As seen on Weibo: Shanghai residents go to their balconies to sing and protest the lack of supplies.”

She added that a drone appeared and told people not to protest on their balconies but to stay indoors.

In addition, surviving in such harsh conditions took a middle-aged woman an emotional toll and pressure.

She was desperately shouting, “No one cares about us! The government doesn’t care about us, Huangpu district doesn’t care about us, and the neighborhood committee doesn’t care about us either. How can we live? Help us.”

A woman is pushed into a bus to be taken to the quarantine facilities in a video. Then, a hazmat suit person hit and kicked her when she expressed displeasure and protest. One person asked the attacker, “Why do you beat people like that, are you still human?”

A group of staff wearing COVID safe suits surround a man and physically beat him several times in another video.

In addition to clips that went viral across the internet, another one showed residents in Shanghai screaming from their apartments after 7 straight days of the city lockdown.

The person filming the clip worries that there will be some major problems.

The following clips might reveal ascending desperation among residents as protests occurred.

Nine days after the full-scale lockdown, residents in some New Pudong (Shanghai) communities broke through the blockade and gathered to protest at Xiangnan Street on April 14.

According to the footage, some people were chanting slogans. Some were shouting, “Bring down the CCP!”

Another video showed scenes of Shanghai residents walking down the street, shouting slogans and protesting. The Shanghai government sent many armed police wearing hazmat suits to the scene to drive the crowd away in response forcibly.

Some residents claimed that the community would turn into a field hospital if the authorities prolonged the act. They believe the pandemic might not result in death but that people will lose their lives instead.

Locals’ desperation peaked when some residents gathered and shook pots, trays, and other objects. They shouted, “[We] need supplies” in online videos circulated on the evening of April 18.

Those who could not go outside stayed in the building to bang their stuff and scream aloud.

Not only are the residents’ grievances and frustrations increasingly piling up, but their resistance is also surging.

There are many scenes of collective resistance against the government for not taking the nucleic acid tests.

Some residents claimed that the community would turn into a field hospital if the authorities prolonged the act. They believe the pandemic might not result in death but that people will lose their lives instead.

Online photos show scenes of refusal to take nucleic acid tests by Shanghai residents. Many of them also put the notice on their doors, saying, “Self-test result is negative, refusing to take nucleic acid test.”

A video shows a residential area where very few people come down to the organized nucleic acid testing site to take samples.

Another video shows a government official asking a group of homeowners in a residential area if they want to go downstairs for a nucleic acid test. All of them almost unanimously answered, “don’t want to.”

As for reasons to reject taking the nucleic acid test, some people take the nucleic acid test as torture. Others take the constant sampling of nucleic acids to increase the risk of cross-contamination.

Shanghai citizens wondered if they would have to wait until people died in mass before the authorities would stop the activity.

Unfortunately, the Chinese government might not want to show the video to the world.

According to Reuters, Shanghai residents show their frustrations over a tight lockdown and strict online censorship.

The full-city lockdown began at the start of April. Stress starts to take its toll on longer-confined residents.

A six-minute video entitled “The Voice of April” showed citizens moaning about the scarcity of food and medicine and the city authorities’ heavy-handed approach.

Netizens battled against social media censors overnight to share that epidemic-capturing video. However, by April 23 morning, all direct references related to the video were erased from the Weibo microblogging service, while some comments criticizing the censorship persisted.

One stated that it is hopeless if you don’t even want to listen to just a tiny amount of genuine voices.

Many people were reminded of the social media outrage that occurred two years earlier after Li Wenliang, a doctor penalized by authorities for posting information about a new SARS-like infectious illness in Wuhan in late 2019, died from COVID-19.

Another Weibo user wrote that Dr. Li, after two years, nothing had changed. He added that people still can’t open their mouths and still can’t speak.

Despite citizens’ mounting anger and frustrations, local officials insist that no easing will occur until all new cases outside the quarantine zones have been eliminated.

According to Weibo Channel, Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng said that the more critical the period becomes, the more the city needs to grit its teeth and focus on its strength.

As China’s “zero COVID” policy continues, the severe city lockdown in Shanghai is spreading to other regions.

Some videos went viral on Twitter, exposing the situation in Suzhou, particularly people’s reactions expressing displeasure.

Suzhou, often called the “Venice of China,” is 100 km west of Shanghai.

The user @iPaulCanada posted a video on Twitter on April 22. He said the people in the clip were in Kunshan Zhonghua Park, Suzhou. Most of them are migrant workers.

According to the post, they have been stuck there for more than a month because of the new epidemic and are not allowed to go out. There is no food available and, also, no food is provided. If the situation continues, they will starve to death.

Another video posted on April 23 shows the crowd rioting in Kunshan, Suzhou. Military police rushed to suppress the protesters.

Some netizens commented, “Those who don’t want to be slaves, stand up!” This is also the first line of the Chinese National Anthem.

According to the most recent report from Suzhou’s Epidemic Prevention and Control issued on April 24, the situation of prevention and control in Suzhou is relatively complicated, and the risk of social transmission still exists.

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