Severe drought has not yet let go of China. It continues in provinces including Hunan, Anhui, and Chongqing.

This aggravates the difficulties the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has with people more dissatisfied with the government as they suffer wave after wave of long-term lockdowns and a declining economy.

In Chongqing, the Daxi river is made up of three other rivers that are drying up. A video of this river from above shows that the river’s section between two cliffs leaves only a trickle of water. The soil on the bottom of both banks, and in the middle of the river bed can be seen.

Close-up photos from “inf. news” have further illustrated the severe drought condition in the river.

“News.ifeng” reported that the Hunan Provincial Department of Water Resources announced that all 122 counties and cities in Hunan are facing drought. 

Of these, 97 counties and metropolitan areas have reached extreme drought thresholds. Areas of moderate, severe, and extreme drought cover 98%, 84%, and 43% of the province’s area, respectively.

Since July, the water level in Dongting Lake, one of Hunan’s largest lakes, continues to decrease. As of 8:00 a.m. on September 19, the water level of Dongting Lake Chenglingji station was 20.18 meters, 7.32 meters lower than the same period last year.

Currently, 900 km or 560 miles of the river has dried up. Many sections of the river are so dry that  fish are dying, exposed to the sun. 

News.infeng” cited the Anhui Provincial Hydrology Department announcement, as of September 19, three large reservoirs in Anhui province and many others have water levels below the dead water level.

Due to the lack of rain, the lack of moisture in Anhui province is expanding, with a total area of ​​63,100 square kilometers, accounting for 45% of the province’s area.

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