Since implementing COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai on March 28, there have been growing concerns regarding food and daily supply shortages in the city. In addition to that, Shanghai is transforming residential buildings into quarantine centers, sparking outrage from residents who fear they will be infected with the virus. Ultimately, people took to the streets to protest.

Residents of many communities in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area reportedly broke through the blockade at 1 p.m. on April 14 and gathered to protest at Xiangnan Road, Zhangjiang Town, Pudong New Area. The footage shows large crowds at the location while some people shouted, “Down with the Communist Party.”

Shortly after that, a number of armed police officers dressed in protective clothing came to the location to drive out the crowd.

Another netizen also broke the news that the authorities converted the Nashi International Community in Zhangjiang Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, into isolation facilities, sparking widespread protests and disputes.

According to Bloomberg, as the number of COVID cases increased, officials had to expand isolation facilities. In mid-March, five buildings were requisitioned as isolation points. Officials returned to the compound on Tuesday, April 12, informing residents that a further nine buildings would be converted.

Outside a housing compound, about 30 people wearing hazmat suits with the word “police” arrived and scuffled with other people, taking at least one person.

In response, the Zhangjiang Group said in a statement, “On the afternoon of April 14, when our company organized the construction of the isolation fence, some tenants obstructed the construction site,” adding that the problem had finally been solved.

According to China’s zero-COVID policy, anyone who tests positive for the virus must be quarantined at designated places for 14 days, while neighbors are asked to isolate themselves in their homes. Fears of contracting the virus due to living so close to patients, the public grievance is growing stronger.

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