This Chinese drone is dropping a machine gun-equipped robot dog on the rooftop of a building somewhere in the country, causing goosebumps among sci-fi fans.

The one-minute footage was first shared on China’s Twitter-like Weibo on October 4 before swiftly going viral. Much like a dystopian war film, the robodog unfolds and starts traversing its new environment with a drum-magazine machine gun mounted on its back. The Drive offers speculation that it could be a Chinese QBB-97 light machine gun (LMG) that is classified as Type 95 LGM in the U.S.

The video’s original uploader is a verified account that seems to be directly linked with the Chinese Kestrel Defense company. However, whether the video was made as part of a Chinese military practice or to show how the drone-robodog pairing will work is unclear.

The account boasts that armed robodogs can be placed directly on a rooftop to capture and command the high ground and reduce weaponry. It can also be slipped into any weak spot behind the adversary to launch a surprise attack.

The technology will allow ground forces to conduct a three-dimensional pincer attack on opponents in the building. The Drive suggests that the drone-robodog combination was designed to be used in assault operations, particularly in urban settings.
If the weapon attached is China’s QBB-97 drum magazine machine gun, it can deliver continuous automatic bursts of fire and shoot up to 650 rounds per minute. Still, it is unclear how precisely the robodog could operate such an attack. The four-legged robot was knocked backward after firing a Russian 9x19mm PP-19-01 “Vityaz” submachine gun in this video. At least it still struck the targets while being at close range.

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