According to Reuters, China has issued three consecutive warnings that it will persevere with all efforts to combat the new strain of COVID and any possible risks. There is no hope for easing.

After the “Golden Week” holiday this September, the epidemic situation in this country has heated up again with the appearance of a highly infectious sub-variant strain BF.7. This has put more pressure on the national leadership when the 20th National Congress is around the corner.

The big cities have applied tight control policies. One city in Southwestern China has even offered cash rewards to residents who report individuals trying to conceal their travel history.

According to Reuters, Qujing, in Yunnan, announced a reward of 500 yuan ($70) for reporting individuals attempting to conceal travel to COVID risk areas, such as Tibet and Xinjiang.

The reward in this city of 5.7 million people is four times higher (2,000 yuan) for cases where the whistleblower has had close contact with the reported person.

If the result of the PCR test of the reported person is positive, a huge reward will be given to the complainant.

The People’s Daily wrote, “Only by insisting on dynamically clearing (cases as they arise) could huge losses arising from losing control of the epidemic be avoided.”

China’s Health authorities reported 1,760 new local cases on October 11. That is a drop from 2,089 cases a day earlier but still a small number against global figures.

According to Reuters, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut China’s economic growth forecast to 3.2% in 2022 and 4.4% in 2023. 

The IMF said that the country’s frequent lockdowns have affected its economy.

It also said a slowdown in China’s economy will impact global trade and activity because of its size and importance to international supply chains.

A foreign teacher in Shanghai told Reuters that he and his partner had been trapped in Xishuangbanna during their trip since early October. From the hotel confinement to being banned from leaving their room, they were seeking their return home to Shanghai, but their apartment was sealed. Meanwhile, his neighbors are locked in central quarantine for most of the week.

He said, “My partner and I officially gave notice to our employers this week. We will permanently leave China at the end of our current contracts in June 2023.”

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