The Apollo News reported on December 10 that China recently ordered pupils in primary and secondary schools to return to school under the so-called “New Ten Rules” on anti-epidemic measures. Many parents opposed this order.

The “New Ten Rules” issued by the regime on December 7 showed that schools with no positive cases should carry out normal offline teaching activities. Besides, schools suffering from the pandemic should precisely designate risk areas and ensure regular teaching outside the risk areas.

Many areas are trying to resume offline teaching in primary and secondary schools.

For example, Chongqing issued a notice on December 9 on the “orderly resumption” of offline teaching for all grades by December 19.

In Shenyang, all grades, including kindergarten, will restart teaching and learning activities by December 14.

Other cities and districts, such as Xinjiang Urumqi, Liaoning Dalian, and Jiangsu Taizhou, have also issued notices to resume teaching at both levels.

Some of these areas require students and parents to “voluntarily choose” offline or online teaching methods, while some areas do not have a “voluntary” option.

Some parents reported that students had to sign a letter of intent to return to school. It states that a positive test has nothing to do with school, and people need to take responsibility for themselves.

Parents in some areas have posted on social media that they refuse their children to go back to school due to their fear of coronavirus.

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