The number of Covid-19 cases in mainland China continued to surge during April despite its draconian Zero-Covid policy.

As reported by Reuters, China’s National Health Commission announced on Sunday, May 1, that it found 8,329 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 for April 30. That number is lower than 10,793 cases reported the day earlier.

The new cases include 920 symptomatic and 7,409 asymptomatic infections.

Excluding imported cases, or those arriving from outside, mainland China saw 916 new locally transmitted symptomatic cases and 7,340 new asymptomatic cases.

As of the end of April, mainland China recorded a total of 216,587 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

In comparison, the mainland had 151,103 confirmed cases by the end of March, as announced by the National Health Commission.

Regarding the number of Covid-related deaths, Reuters reported that mainland China saw 38 new deaths on April 30, bringing its toll to 5,060.
That figure represents an increase of 422 cases from the previous month. The National Health Commission reported 4,638 deaths by March 31.

According to Reuters, some people have questioned the fatality rate from the Covid number in China as many residents have said their relatives or friends have died after catching the virus as early as March.

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