According to AP News, torrential rains have claimed the lives of at least 15 people across southern China, as reported by state media Xinhua on Saturday, with three people still missing.

Many areas in Guizhou province, China, are recovering from heavy rainstorms. 

In Redox Village, Redu Town, Ceheng County, heavy rain hit the record of more than 315.3 mm, setting the record for daily rainfall in the local area. The entire Ceheng County and surrounding townships were hit hard by the floods, and streets turned into rivers and flooded countless houses. 

The authority warns of secondary disasters such as landslides, mudslides, and mountain torrents. 

According to reports, the heavy rain occurred at more than 610 observation stations, with the maximum rainfall exceeding more than 320 mm. 

China has activated Level-IV emergency response for floods. China has a four-tier flood control emergency response system, with Level I representing the most severe response.  

On Saturday afternoon, Guizhou authorities issued a blue warning of mountain torrent disaster risk. It warned that mountain torrent disasters might occur in local areas of 15 counties in the province. 

According to mainland Jimu News, the heavy rain has not caused casualties in Redox Village. However, it was currently the season of rice planting. And the flood has washed away many newly planted rice seedlings. 

A video posted by netizens shows the floodwaters overflowing the embankment and rushing into the city of Ceheng County.

Another video shows flooding in Biyou Town, Ceheng County. In the video, the rain was still pouring down.

 At least 15 people have died in torrential rains across southern China. 

The rain occurred in many provinces, including, Fujian, Yunnan, and Guangxi.

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