In a May 14 press conference, the Beijing Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Department claimed that the China Railway 11th Bureau had poorly deployed prevention and control work, resulting in an epidemic cluster in three project departments of the Bureau’s third company.

According to Department, six officials have received punishment, including the Party committee’s secretary and Deputy Manager.

The high-ranking officials responsible for the pandemic flare-ups include:
Chen Zhiming, the China Railway 11th Bureau’s chairman and the group leader’s epidemic prevention and control work.

Long Xinqiao, the China Railway 11th Bureau’s Deputy General Manager.
Wang Gang, General Manager of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Headquarters of the China Railway 11th Bureau.
They all received severe warnings.

Meanwhile, three other officials were severely warned and expelled from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They are:

Yang Jinchuan, the Disciplinary Committee secretary of the China Railway 11th Bureau’s third company;
Luo Lijun, the Party Committee Secretary of the China Railway 11th Bureau’s Third Company;
Zhou Zongmin, member of the Party Committee, deputy general manager of the China Railway 11th Bureau’s Third Company.

Several epidemic transmission chains have appeared in Beijing since last month. According to Da Ji Yuan, the epidemic has spread to 15 of Beijing’s 16 districts.

Chaoyang District’s epidemic is severe among the cases, while Haidian District’s situation has also heated up recently.

As of midnight of the 12th, there are 14 high-risk areas and 34 medium-risk areas in Beijing.

According to Da Ji Yuan, a Shanghai resident surnamed Wang is afraid that Beijing might become the next Shanghai. He said that Beijing, China’s capital, would be put under stricter control than Shanghai. Therefore, if Beijing’s epidemic outbreaks were as severe as Shanghai’s, residents may face an even worse situation.

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