White Paper protests in China may have stopped, but peace is yet to be restored.

Students at Nankai University are telling Radio Free Asia one of their lecturers has been kidnapped to a mental hospital for her outward support of the White Paper movement. The university is located in China’s coastal city of Tianjin.

Professor Wu Yanan is from the university’s School of Philosophy. The police summoned Nankai students to their office after they hosted a vigil for the Urumqi fire victims. At the time, she uploaded posts that defended them. The university faculty tried to tell her to delete the online articles, but she said her integrity would not allow her to back down. 

The school later took Wu away in a van, saying it was taking her to conduct COVID testing. She was never seen again.

But the professor was soon able to share her captive location online, which showed that she had been taken to the Tianjin Mental Hospital. In another picture, Wu said she was hiding in the restroom and asked for help. She said the hospital staff was preparing ropes to tie her down and give her injections. The posts quickly disappeared afterward.

Then came her latest messages to the students. She said she was going through fantasies, auditory hallucinations, and gibberish, admitting that her mental health had been unstable.

As of December 14, she said she has been feeling better.

Wang Qiang, an insider, said her friends and family have subsequently agreed that the professor was having trouble with her mental health. Wang had doubts that those were genuine accounts. 

Wang said, “Wu Yanan is a kind, righteous and wise person in the hearts of her students….First they drive socially influential people crazy, then they defame them with the public, take them down, and use them as an example.”

Radio Free Asia has contacted Tianjin Mental Hospital about Wu Yanan. The person on the line said they would call back later but have kept silent ever since.

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