Ma Xiaowei, China’s health minister also director of China’s National Health Commission, has doubled down on the Zero Covid policy. He pledged the strictest measures to curb the outbreak and ruled out any relaxations.

On Apr 18, the minister published an article in the Study Times, a Central Party School journal.

The minister is aware that “the big test continues.” He requires that healthcare systems around the country must remain in an emergency state.

In the piece, he also denied the idea of living with the virus.

The minister’s article comes despite growing frustration and anger among Chinese people. Since the lockdown began in late March, Shanghai residents have suffered food shortages, lack of medical attention, and harsh quarantine conditions.

Despite efforts to achieve the “Zero-COVID” goal, Shanghai has recorded more than 20,000 from early March. The controversial anti-epidemic policy has been going on for over two years, yet, Chinese authorities still have to place many parts of China under restrictions from time to time.

Beijing has usually considered its strict Covid-zero policy as one factor to justify the so-called effectiveness of its political system. Currently, China is among the few countries that still adhere to such anti-epidemic policies.

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