The Chinese foreign ministry on December 12 criticized U.S. sanctions against two senior Chinese officials over alleged human rights abuses in the Tibet region. 

Previously, the US Treasury Department said on December 9 that it placed sanctions on the Chinese government’s top official in Tibet from 2016 to 2021, and Zhang Hongbo, identified as the Tibetan region’s police chief since 2018.

The department said, “Tibetans have been subject to serious human rights abuse … including arbitrary detention, extrajudicial killings, and physical abuse, as part of the PRC’s efforts to severely restrict religious freedoms.”

According to Reuters, in a regular briefing, the spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, urged the U.S. side to immediately withdraw the so-called sanctions.

Wang Wenbin called the U.S.’ actions a gross interference in China’s internal affairs and a breach of basic norms of international relations.

Wang added, “The United States has no right to impose sanctions on other countries at every turn and is not qualified to play the world police.”

Nicholas Burns, the U.S. ambassador to China had said the United States remained “deeply concerned” over what it perceived as China’s failure to uphold its international commitment to protect rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in regions like Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang.

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