After banning aquatic products imported from Taiwan without warning a few days ago, China has now expanded the  ban to a batch of Taiwanese products, including the well-known Taiwan beer Kinmen sorghum.

Liberty Times reported on December 11 that the General Administration of Customs of China has imposed a new ban on wine, tea, coffee, and foods from Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration, under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, calculated that the Chinese regime had prohibited a total of 2,409 items from Taiwan as of December 10.

It means that the regime is boycotting 74.5% of the products imported from Taiwan.

The category of aquatic products accounted for the most, with 887 items.

In addition, beverages accounted for 123 items, biscuits were 110 items, and the rest were banned from various food categories.

The Taiwanese food administration identified the regime’s practices as technical barriers to trade, and discrimination against Taiwan.

Zheng Weizhi, an administration official, said it has started to call the industries to provide supplementary documents as soon as possible in China.

From June to August this year, Taiwan directed its food industry to complete the qualified registration required by China by the August 31 deadline, and China continued its imports from September.

The regime had not announced the list of unqualified items until December 8. And it suddenly banned the import of Taiwanese products on the pretext of unqualified registration.

Zheng Weizhi pointed out that China notified the review results on August 1 and December 9. China said the reasons for their disapproval were mostly Taiwanese exporters’ unclear statements: The relevant logos and documents did not meet the requirements, or the supplementary documents were not provided as required.

Taiwanese Premier Su Tseng-chang claimed on December 10 that the regime’s intervention in trade by means of administrative registration does not conform to World Trade Organization (WTO) norms.

He said that Taiwan will appeal through WTO channels.

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