Since day 1, China has been conducting zero-Covid strategy. No matter what a resident’s life is like, the authorities would use emergency lockdowns, mass testing, and lengthy quarantines as part of a relentless drive to control the pandemic.

Among those, the controversial forced sterilization of households in many parts of China has become the standard for epidemic prevention.

On May 17, a video shows two staff in uniforms in Zhejiang forcefully breaking the door of a house.

In the first step, a staff uses a manual breaking tool to open the anti-theft door, creating a crack. Next, another staff uses an electric expander to expand and dismantle the door seam. The two staff acted very quickly. It seemed that they had done this many times.

After coming inside, they would go on sterilizing the house of the Covid-positive resident.

According to China media, Net Ease reported that this kind of Covid personnel forcefully breaking into Covid patients for decontamination has been in place since the beginning of the outbreak.

In a press briefing on May 10, Shanghai Health Commission called household disinfection an important part of the entire epidemic prevention and control.

The disinfection results will be made public as an achievement of the epidemic prevention and control.

For example, on April 8, Jilin City said that it had disinfected over 52,000 risk points, dispatched almost 13,400 disinfection personnel. And the cumulative area of disinfection spans across 24 square miles.

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