A U.S. cybersecurity former official reveals that the Chinese government is using businesses to collect American DNA to construct digital representations of them. He expressed his concern that the CCP would deploy a bioweapon based on DNA to use against Westerners.

John Mills, the former director of the U.S. Defense Department, told China in Focus, “They can create these complex models of each of us. They’re making digital twins of us.” 

A digital twin is a virtual model that accurately reflects a physical object.

For illustration, Mills used the BGI Group, a major producer of COVID testing. In 2017, the chairman of BGI claimed to have made strides in genetic editing and reform to mass-produce several viruses, bacteria, and large yeasts.

Mills also mentioned Beijing’s military-civilian fusion strategy. He describes businesses with ties to China, even those with U.S.-roots, as outposts of state security and intelligence organizations. Once people submit information to these companies, it is forwarded straight to Chinese intelligence. 

According to Mills, the history of BGI targeting eminent U.S. researchers has further sparked worry. Chinese recruitment campaigns such as the “thousand talents plan” allegedly lure foreign scholars to work for China, a way to provide the regime with technology and top-notch knowledge.

He said, “China was just using money to essentially buy off professors and academics. So they have a very active program to go after our intellectual property, and essentially, to co-opt some of our leading researchers.”

The expert alleged that China might make a follow-up virus targeting certain non-Chinese ethnicities. He continued that data from DNA tests is a core ingredient for biological warfare, 

He suggested U.S. citizens tightly watch over their medical records. Especially officials should not do DNA tests and ban Chinese firms like BGI Group from doing business in America, citing the national security risk.

Mills said, “We have to look at that as a threat. This is feeding them. They look at that as the strategic, commanding heights of the showdown with the West, mainly America.”

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