On November 2, Chinese authorities imposed a seven-day COVID lockdown on surrounding areas of the Foxconn iPhone factory in Zhengzhou. 

The action came as these workers left the facility over the weekend after complaining on social media about their treatment and food.

According to the DW News, the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, in Henan province, which houses the world’s largest iPhone factory, stated that except for related COVID prevention staff, all people “must not leave their residences except to receive COVID tests and emergency medical treatment.”

It added that the lockdown will last until November 9.

The Guardian News cited an official statement as reporting that residents in the area, about 16 miles south-east of Zhengzhou, were ordered to stay home and had to conduct COVID tests once daily.

The statement added that rule violators would be “severely dealt with” by the police.

On November 1, the city reported 358 locally transmitted cases.

An almost month-long lockdown in Zhengzhou had gained international attention. It has now received more criticism after hundreds of Foxconn workers climbed over the fences to escape the factory’s “closed loop” quarantine system last week.

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