The video released on May 28 shows a large number of lunch trays on the ground at the garbage site in the city of Dandong, Liaoning province. 

A female resident says:

“The box was thrown away without even opening. While the common people have nothing to eat!”

Two police officers and several officials arrive and try to drag the trash can away. However, angry citizens snatch it back. The crowd then argues and clashes for a while. 

Dandong has been closed since April 26 and a large number of residents are starving. All residential areas and communities have been under closed management. People must stay at home and adopt door-to-door services.

The lockdown is being imposed over many areas across the country. There are allegations that local officials secretly destroy materials donated from or distributed from other places. And then they collude with suppliers to sell high-priced vegetables for profit. For example, during the Shanghai lockdown, there are cases of residents’ committees throwing away or secretly storing and reselling materials. These types of cases emerged one after another. 

In this video, Shanghai residents are breaking into a food storage place in Shanghai. They protest because the food, donated from Yunnan, has been piling up and left to rot. After the case was exposed, three officials were later dismissed and investigated. 

In Mid-May, local officials announced they had used multiple measures to gradually reopen businesses. Nevertheless, the authorities still impose a city-wide lock-down.

On May 25, the city authorities reported new cases of infections, including 25 new local cases and 34 asymptomatic ones.

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