Leaked: Unsanitary conditions in test tubes manufacturing facility

Since the pandemic began in China, nucleic acid testing has always been a priority measure for infection control. This has caused medical supplies for testing to become a hot seller. Therefore, many companies are continuously joining this trending industry.

Recently, a leaked video on social media shows the manufacturing process of COVID-19 test tube.

Footage shows people putting test tubes into boxes. Non-sterile working environment; none of the workers wear protective suits or gloves. Only some people were wearing sketchy masks. 

It is not clear what company it is. But if these products appear on the market, it is hard for anyone to tell whether the test results are correct or not.

Chengdu: People are afraid of the city-wide lockdown, rushing to buy food

China’s Jiemian News reported that 37 cases of Covid -19 were confirmed in Chengdu on Thursday. After that, Chenghua District – one of 11 urban districts of Chengdu city – would roll out temporary traffic control from Friday, and all residents in control would be tested for nucleic acid on a daily basis. 

Positive cases in the community leave residents in Fuqing Road Street staying indoors. Community workers will support food and necessities purchasing. The other business stores are shut down except for supermarkets, pharmacies, and hospitals. Water, electricity, and other essential industries can still maintain operation, but other businesses have to work from home.

The announcement also caused panic among people. Many people rushed to supermarkets to buy, grabbing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and daily necessities. Stall after stall at the supermarket quickly emptied, and the supply did not meet the demand.

Chinese media “Sichuan Watch” also posted a video on Weibo. It shows the empty city under the epidemic’s prevention and control, calling on people to “stay home more” and” slow down.”

Jiangxi: A covered bridge collapsed in the rain

On Friday afternoon, a storm broke out in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province. The covered bridge on a local bridge collapsed.

The landscape bridge spans the Xingjiang River. The bridge can be used for vehicles, and both sides of the bridge can be used for pedestrians.

Video shared on the internet shows the accident scene.

As reported by authorities, two passers-by were buried under pressure. Fortunately, their lives were not in danger. They are now treated at the hospital.

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