According to Reuters, as the Chinese regime has loosened COVID restrictions, more and more people are lining up outside fever clinics to test if they have a COVID infection. 

This reflects a new sign of the quick spread of the virus after authorities began lifting strict virus-controlled measures against COVID.

As the world moved away and opened up to co-exist with COVID, the Chinese regime has gradually joined with other countries after three years into the pandemic.

The key reason for the regime lifting the lockdowns comes after widespread protests across the country following a fire that killed at least ten people in Xinjiang who became trapped due to strict COVID-controlled measures. 

It has dropped testing requirements for many activities and is now preparing to deactivate a mobile app for tracking the travel histories of China’s people.

But with little exposure to the virus, further infection surges could put massive pressure on its fragile health system. Experts said that China’s healthcare is now being tested and it is not well-prepared for such a scenario. 

The state-controlled Global Times newspaper cited a doctor working in a respiratory department at a Beijing hospital, saying that the number of patients waiting for admission into emergency and fever clinics has increased.

In big cities like Beijing and Wuhan, there are signs that COVID is now widespread in communities.

The management of an apartment complex in Beijing’s Dongcheng district warned its residents, “Please protect yourself,” acknowledging that almost all its workers had been infected.

An expert on Sunday expressed concerns that China’s road to reopening could be bumpy and hurt economic growth.

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