The new round of epidemic has spread to 20 provinces in China. Some areas take the opportunity to increase the frequency of nucleic acid testing. 

On July 20, many places in 2 provinces, Henan and Sichuan required Covid testing for all residents. If they don’t comply, their travel will be restricted. This caused grievances among the public.

Biyang county, Zhumadian city, Henan is the hardest-hit area. The county has officially reported more than 300 cases but has not verified the number of infected people. On July 20, it launched the 10th round of testing for all residents. Also, the local authorities notified to implement a strict lockdown for seven days from July 21.

Li, a resident of the county, says there is an epidemic at present; the county has been closed. Everything is silent. No shops are open, and no vehicles and pedestrians are allowed on the streets. All people are quarantined at home and have nucleic acid tests every day.

On the same day, six regions in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, successively issued announcements to conduct a new round of testing for all residents. They increase the frequency from two tests in 3 days to one test per day. One video shows a long queue of people on the street waiting for nucleic acid testing early in the morning.

Shuai, a citizen of Chendu, says they previously did testing twice in 3 days and now do it every day. They are forcing people for profit, and they are making money. Some people in her community don’t comply, including her.

Huang, a citizen of Shanghai, says, from July 9 to July 21, everyone in the city would do testing. She is so confused. In her opinion, the epidemic is milder than the symptoms of a cold, and there are even no symptoms. Many people don’t do it. Dabai or Big Whites, who conduct the testing, can’t stand it either. They wear protective suits and suffer from heat stroke.

Since July this year, some parts of China have raised the frequency of nucleic acid testing from every five or seven days to every two or three days. No nucleic acid testing will affect travel, and many places will be included in credit investigation, affecting enrollment and work. Public information indicates that in the first half of this year, many listed companies in the testing industry have seen significant profit growth.

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