Dongguan: Roads cracking and swelling due to the extreme heat

The highest temperature recorded in Dongguan, Guangdong, was 37.3℃ (99.24°F) on July 23. It was the first time this year that the high temperature broke through 37℃ in Dongguan.

Data from Dongguan Meteorological Observatory shows the highest temperature measured at some weather stations is even more than 40 ℃ (104°F).

According to the “Dongguan Meteorological Disaster Emergency Plan,” the relevant departments of Dongguan decided at 10:30 am on July 23 to activate the high-temperature level IV emergency response.

A video shared on the internet shows the road in the city succumbing to the heat, cracking, and swelling.

Wenzhou suffers unbearable heat, shoes melted within 10 minutes

On July 23, the Wenzhou National Meteorological Station reported an extremely high temperature of 41.8℃ (107.24°F), breaking the historical record of 41.7℃ (107.06 °F) set by the city on July 15, 2003.

Wenzhou weather station issued a red warning signal of high temperature in the city for the second time this year.

A video shared by residents on the internet shows the temperature was so extreme that their shoes began to melt after 10 minutes of walking on the road.

Restroom stands in the middle of the field

Public restrooms are usually placed for common use by urban residents and migrant populations. Public restrooms are attached to buildings such as railway stations, hospitals, cinemas, and so on.

However, the public toilet in the middle of a field is indeed a rare sight to see. 

A video shared by a resident on Weibo titled “The coolest public restroom toilet I’ve seen” showed a monumental building in the middle of a field in China. The cameraman was dumbfounded at what he was seeing, so he zoomed in to see the words “public restroom” on the building. The remarkable thing is around the restroom; only grass and trees can be seen and no people are in sight.

Without wearing masks, citizens treated like criminals

China has always been determined to implement the extreme zero Covid policy regardless of its impact on the economy or people’s lives.

A video shared on Twitter with the title “Not wearing a mask in China is an unforgivable crime!” showed the exaggeration of the “Dabai” anti-epidemic army at work.

A Dabai staff member pointed at the old man’s face and asked, “I asked if you are wearing a mask now?”

The older man was explaining that he just took it off and went inside for a while… He hadn’t finished speaking and Dabai shouted, “Wear it on, now.” “Without saying much more, I just asked if you were wearing a mask or not?” The old man started to react, “I don’t wear it”

Then the Dabai approached and overpowered the older man, knocking him to the ground and sitting on him.

The netizens have commented angrily on this incident. One said,” The money from the fracture to his hand to see the doctor and take the XRay film can buy 10,000 maks”; another said, “Excessive law enforcement, what can we do?”


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