On July 28, Sound of Hope reported that the Chinese regime is still sticking to its draconian zero-tolerance approach despite its effects hitting the economy hard. Many professions, such as tourism, electronics, and health care are failing.

According to the report, Gansu is an ideal place to explore Chinese history and culture with spectacular landscapes. Instead of enjoying its peak tourist season, it’s deserted.

On July 25, the local Department of Culture and Tourism issued an order to temporarily close 186 scenic spots after recording over 300 infected cases.

The Silicon Valley Shenzhen also faced the same situation. After reporting 21 new cases, the authorities ordered a seven-day closure for Huawei, ZTE, SMIC, BYD, Foxconn, and other top 100 companies. All entertainment and leisure venues, large gatherings, and banquets were prohibited.

The report noted that China’s zero-COVID policy has also affected public hospitals.

Earlier this month, the Huludao Municipal Health and Health Commission disclosed that the debt of public hospitals has been surging since the pandemic started in 2020. Due to tight financial situations, it’s challenging to maintain normal operations and implement compensation management. 

As a result, a public hospital in Zhen’an District, Dandong 丹东 City, Liaoning 辽宁 Province, has stopped paying their employees for five months.

Dabai at several nucleic acid test sites in Shenyang also went on strike to ask for salary.

In addition, Caixin reported that the monthly income for civil servants and school teachers in many places has dropped by 20-30%  and 10-40%, respectively.

Data from The National Bureau of Statistics of China show that the annual economic growth rate in the second quarter of this year was only 0.4%, a sharp decline of 4.4%, compared to 4.8% in the first quarter.

However, in an interview with Sound of Hope, Chinese critic Mr. Wu said it’s normal for China to sacrifice its economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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