According to Xinhua News Weibo, on June 6, China’s Ministry of State Security issued incentives for citizens to report crimes compromising national security. The regulations take effect from the day of publication.

New laws encourage citizens to report activities that risk national security by paying various prizes based on contribution level, with the greatest reward exceeding 15,000 dollars.

In other to receive the rewards, one must meet these conditions:

First, there is a clear target for reporting specific clues or circumstances of acts that endanger national security.

The second is that State security organizations have not yet grasped the reported matter, or even if it has, the whistleblower provides more explicit and detailed information.

Third, The content of the report has been verified by the national security agency, and it has contributed to the prevention, suppression, and punishment of activities compromising national security.

Depending on the contribution level, bonuses range from 1500 dollars to more than 15,000 dollars.

This is not the first time China has set up whistleblower bonuses for national security. In 2017, the Beijing National Security implemented the Citizen Reward Method for reporting clues to espionage, and whistleblowers can receive a bonus of up to 500,000 yuan. 

After the law was enacted, many netizens on Weibo questioned if the behaviors they saw others do recently are violations. One comment encouraged that the bigger the fish, the bigger the money. 

On the other hand, netizens on Twitter said that the government knows that what they are doing is wrong, and now they are scared of becoming exposed. Another stated that the whistleblower system is a powerful tool for dictators to create a mutually harmful society.

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