According to Bloomberg, China has launched a formal campaign to curb suspected algorithm abuse by internet giants from ByteDance Ltd. to Tencent Holdings Ltd., focusing on how social media platforms serve out advertisements and content to entice users.

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration said that it would undertake on-site inspections of businesses and request them to submit their various services for examination.

The internet governing body would target large-scale websites, platforms, and products with significant influence but did not call out any particular companies.

The campaign aims to carry out and enforce sweeping rules governing the industry’s use of algorithms to surface content for users, which were announced in August and went into effect last month.

The Business Insider cited Stanford’s Digi China project that these rules forbid algorithms to create fake news or solidify a monopoly.

Furthermore, according to Bloomberg, the Chinese government uses these regulations to limit addiction, social dysfunction, and prevent jeopardizing China’s national security.

Companies must disclose the core principles of any algorithm recommendation service and provide convenient options to turn them off. In addition, algorithms must also follow “mainstream ideals” and “actively promote positive energy.”

Companies such as ByteDance and Tencent made changes to their products in response to Beijing’s efforts to preserve personal privacy, such as allowing users the option to opt out of A.I. recommendations on applications like Douyin and WeChat.

The campaign is a part of a plan started in 2020 to limit the rising influence of China’s largest and wealthiest firms. Since then, the regulations have made firms shift their focus to core growth rather than unfettered expansion.

However, the Chinese government has yet to impose sanctions against companies that recklessly compete in online commerce and ride-hailing during the crackdown.

The government has traditionally had a tight grip on business, weeding out dissent and other types of undesired information that could jeopardize its authority. Therefore, one of the biggest sources of concern for investors is Beijing’s ambitions for the country’s enormous social media sector, which Tencent and ByteDance dominate.

As reported by Business Insider, China is not the only country concerned about internet firm algorithms. Other nations, such as the U.K. and U.S., introduced bills to control how algorithms disseminate illegal, harmful content and misinformation.

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