Foxconn Zhengzhou, Apple’s largest iPhone factory, has recently dealt with an exodus of workers escaping from harsh quarantine conditions under lockdown. Lacking workers to run the site, the factory began to recruit again. Henan government has given a hand in the case as it told each village in the area to have one person ready to fill in the gap.

Screenshots from the Internet show a town in Henan province, China telling villages to make public the recruitment notice of Foxconn’s factory in Zhengzhou. 

The notice says that Foxconn is hiring workers in every village in Henan, and each village has its own criterion.

The notice also hurried villages to send in information about the people they had successfully recruited in two days.

Netizens in Henan confirmed the news, saying that many small villages have put out similar recruiting documents.

According to Financial Associated Press, a Henan official said the current pre-recruitment statistics are mostly for returnee workers from Foxconn in Zhengzhou.

Many netizens were surprised. They didn’t think that the act of “going to the country to catch strong men” would happen in the “new era.”

Furthermore, the Henan government also made college students apply at Foxconn as part of their “graduation assessment.” 

So why did the Henan government actively help Foxconn get back their workers?

Due to the strict zero-COVID, China is dealing with a tighter and tighter budget. The “tight days” in Henan Province are even more severe because this province has an underdeveloped economy. 

On the other hand, Zhengzhou factory of Foxconn is the largest foreign trade exporter and the largest taxpayer in Henan Province. 

In 2019, Foxconn Zhengzhou contributed 81% of imports and exports value to Zhengzhou and 65% of the value to Henan province. The factory can hold up to 300.000 workers at its peak.

For the time being, there is a high demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. With workers fleeing in mass like this, the factory’s production capacity has been severely affected. 

Online video shows many workers getting past the lockdown and returning home. 

Even though the government kept sending people to stop them, the workers resisted running away.

It has yet to be determined how many employees from Foxconn Zhengzhou have fled. A video online shows tons of luggage heaping up like a mountain inside the dorm, potentially belonging to the factory workers.

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