Southern China is going through a series of widespread flooding. In one video, floods swept through the City of Quzhou City in Zhejiang Province. The flood waters rose quickly, and many people and houses were washed away.

A woman in the video is crying and calls the police for help but receives no response. The flood waters had reached her window, pouring into the house, and she could not stand up.

In this scene, a flood washes away some people. Firefighters used boats to pick up people trapped on a bus.

In this scene, lots of cars were submerged in water.

In this scene, a private house collapsed after soaking in water for too long. 

In Nandan County, Hechi City, Guangxi Province, it rained heavily overnight, and an ocean of water had covered everything. 

A citizen escaped with a swimming flotation ring. 

Floodwaters soaked many cars in the tunnel. Cars were washed away by water, and some landslides buried cars. 

In some places, water submerged the first floor of many buildings. 

Three people were trapped, hanging on to the window, waiting for rescue as water poured out of the room.

In Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, the reservoir secretly released floodwater and flooded the entire City downstream.

In Shaxi 沙溪 Town, Xinzhou 信州 District, Shangrao 上饶 City, at 5:00 pm on Monday, June 20, water entered the street. 

From 7 to 11 am, the first floor was almost completely flooded, things were washed away by the water, and cars were inundated. 

Power outages, water outages, internet outages, and residents’ homes flooded. A person was swept away by the water but luckily was rescued.

In this scene, someone was struggling in the flood and calling for help.

Some people are trapped on a roof, and the flood water is still rising. It might go under at any time, and rescue is urgently needed.

In Linhu 临湖 Town, Yushan 玉山 County, Shangrao 上饶 City, the whole town was flooded. The floodwaters almost submerged the first floor.

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