Recently, Yingde city, Guangdong province, has suffered a once-in-a-century flood reaching a peak of 36 meters. Many towns and villages have been severely affected, leaving residents with no water, power, or food for many days.

Moreover, the dam still discharges floodwater, causing many areas to be constantly submerged in water.

People are now in urgent need of rescue.

On the morning of June 23, a netizen posted a message for help on Weibo. He describes the situation of more than 100 teachers and students at Yingxi (英西 Yīng xī) Middle School trapped for several days without water and electricity. Because they don’t prepare much food in advance, they can only eat one pot of porridge daily.

Wang, a resident of Dazhan Town, says that the flood has risen to the third floor of his house. There has been no water and power for 4 or 5 days. But now, the local authorities continue to open the floodgates, discharging floods to many areas. He has been eating biscuits every day.

Chen, a resident of Yinghong Town, says that her town has been hit very hard by the disaster. After the floodgates open, the water pours into the region. There is waterlogging every day. People are miserable with no water, electricity, or food.

One resident from Yangshan County says at his shop, the water level rose to about 1.8 meters, and the government did not notify the public before the flood was discharged.

According to Dawan Township officials, all supplies are in running short. Roads and communications in many villages are still interrupted. Many low-lying villages are so severely flooded that people have nothing to eat and drink. Local authorities haven’t had time to count the actual damage.

So far, no official reports of casualties and property damage have been released.

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