Online media outlets reported that the Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan, Xinjiang, China, was suddenly closed, and authorities held more than 1,000 tourists at the airport. The police used firearms to suppress tourists’ protests.

On October 4, the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province suddenly announced that the whole prefecture would be closed from 2 p.m., and all personnel must not leave the prefecture unless it is necessary.

Many videos were posted online, showing that many tourists at Xishuangbanna Airport were protesting about being trapped there. 

Tourists at the scene complained that the airport was suddenly closed, and more than 1,500 tourists could not leave. 

The aircraft for tourists entered the airport, but the authorities did not allow tourists to board.

Some say tourists are not allowed to leave even if they meet the official “out-of-state conditions.” 

They ask the officials to give specific arrangements for when they can leave, but they can’t get any reply.

The live video showed that the tourists were emotional and reasoned with the epidemic prevention personnel, and some people shouted, “I want to get on the plane,” and “Let’s go out.”

Some tourists shouted, “let you lead the way.” 

However, the follow-up video showed that senior local officials were not present, but several suspected SWAT officers were at the scene threatening tourists with guns. 

Someone asked: “Is this about killing civilians?”

Locally trapped tourists posted videos on Chinese social platforms to gain public opinion, but authorities quickly blocked the videos.

Later, videos showed that the authorities sent many police officers to violently arrest several tourists, especially those who “led the trouble.”

Euro Weekly News reported that a netizen said, “Never forget there are people in influential positions here who think China’s “zero-COVID” model is what we should be doing here.” 

On the eve of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the epidemic continues in many places. 

The paper wrote that the local authority had intensified its efforts to “maintain stability” by enforcing “dynamic zero-COVID” to contain the pandemic in the shortest possible time at the lowest social cost.
According to online news, Xinjiang has internally notified that the entire autonomous region is closed, and the CCP suspended all trains and flights out of the area.

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