According to Radio Free Asia published on Dec. 16, Editor-in-Chief Li Pei Yu of China Business News has not been seen since Dec. 12. 

Liu Chengku, a former reporter, said that it had been confirmed that Editor-in-Chief Li Pei Yu was recently arrested by police in Zibo, Shandong province, on suspicion of extortion and embezzlement of public property.

The political pundits or observers who know the Chinese Communist Party tactics used to persecute citizens know that it is very common to frame a person and accuse him or her under another charge, especially when they are being politically persecuted but innocent of the charges infringed upon them.

It is said that orders for Li’s disappearance would come from Beijing since the charge of state-property occupation is under Beijing’s management. 

According to China Business News, the Disciplinary Inspection Commission has detained Li Pei Yu for inquiry without a lawyer’s representation.

The “China Business News” was founded as a private newspaper. According to the law in China, it had to be linked to state-owned establishments. So it became an affiliated unit of the Academy of Social Sciences owned by the government. 

Over the years, China Business News and the Academy of Social Sciences have been in a feud over the newspaper leadership. 

The Academy of Social Sciences directly expelled Wang Yan—the newspaper’s founder and director and tried to send him abroad. 

Wang Yan is wanted by the CCP and is now hiding abroad.

Available information indicates that the Academy of Social Science wants to finalize the claim to clear its reputation. 

Moreover, at the same time, they can entirely erase Li to take full control of this news media outlet.

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