According to a draft amendment of the Legislation Law, economic growth is not the center of Beijing’s impending policies.

The revised draft should have included a declaration to focus on economic development and adhere to reform and opening up. In their place is an endorsement of the Chinese Communist’s ideologies. 

The draft is now open for public view until November 29. Typically, it would go through two more rounds of discussion and change before becoming legislation. 

The Legislation Law, first proposed in 2000 and revised in 2015, governs procedures for enacting and interpreting laws and other law making-related activities.

The adjustment sparked concerns that Beijing is downplaying the importance of economic growth. The National People’s Congress, China’s parliament, is currently debating a significant amount of legislation on social stability and national security.

“Security” has already overpowered “economy” in Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s speech in October in front of the party Congress. According to a Bloomberg analysis, he mentioned the word “security” 91 times, whereas “economy” was only repeated 60 times.
At the time, the chief China economist at NatWest Group Plc, Peiqian Liu, commented that the Chinese government was leaving behind the era of championing growth at all costs.

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