China ditched Covid-19 global summit hosted by the U.S. because Taiwan was invited.

Former Taiwan Vice President Chen Chien-Jen joined in the second Global Covid-19 Summit on May 12 with a pre-recorded speech.

In the speech, Chen brought out Taiwan’s contribution to the global fight against the Covid pandemic.

He praised Taiwan as a [quote & quote] “small island but has a big heart.” He said the island has given enormous international aid to fight the Covid spread worldwide.

He noted that since early 2020, Taiwan had donated 17 million dollars in medical supplies to more than 80 countries. And Taiwan pledges to donate a further 1.5 million dollars to raise the vaccination rate.

He added that Taiwan would continue to supply medical masks, PCR testing machines, and oxygen concentrators, among others, to countries in need.

The former Taiwan Vice President also praised Taiwan as a model for combating Covid. A model of modern democracy working with transparency and using technology to fight the pandemic.

In the meantime, China stated clearly that it would not join the summit due to Taiwan’s presence.

During a press conference the next day, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said China could not attend the event because the U.S. shows “disregard for China’s solemn stance” and “one-China policy consensus.”

The Chinese government always claims Taiwan as an inseparable part of China. However, according to a survey in 2020, only 2% of Taiwanese consider themselves Chinese.

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