According to CNA, China’s regime carrier Type 003 was not launched at the Dragon Boat Festival on June 3 as expected.

This is in line with the announcement by the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration on the 2nd that the Type 003 launch would be postponed to June 30.

SCMP cited two independent sources close to the Chinese military saying that the reasons for China’s delayed launch of Type 003 might be technical problems related to the next phase of the construction of the vessel.

China’s state media previously announced that the Type 003 carrier uses a new electromagnetic catapult technology.

According to Apolo News, at present, there are only two aircraft carriers in the world that use electromagnetic ejection systems, one is the latest USS Ford, and the other is the Type 003 aircraft carrier. Therefore, Type 003’s launching has become a hot spot for the outside world.

However, according to VOA, the Type 003 aircraft carrier does not use nuclear power but is driven by conventional power that is no longer used by the US military. Therefore, in terms of sailing distance, compared with the nuclear-powered aircraft carriers of the United States, the gap is very obvious.

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