The Indian army said that, on the China-India border, soldiers clashed again, many were injured.

France24, citing sources on December 12, said that Indian and Chinese troops clashed in the border area of Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh, India on December 9.

According to the Deutsche Welle (DW) news agency, the Indian military source pointed out that, due to “different views,” the CCP and Indian militaries agreed to patrol the “line of actual control” along the border. It began in 2006.

Indian media quoted an unnamed Indian official as saying that the Chinese soldiers crossed the control line for the first time and were stopped by the Indian soldiers.

The Indian army said that at least six Indian soldiers were injured and several soldiers from both sides suffered minor injuries. According to DW,  anonymous sources in the Indian media said that about 300 Chinese soldiers were involved in the incident, adding that the Chinese side suffered more injuries.

An Indian commander in the Tawang area stated that, after the skirmish, “the militaries from both sides immediately left the area.” He met with the Chinese commander in charge of the region to “discuss the matter under a structured mechanism to restore peace.”

Neither Chinese nor Indian officials responded to media requests for comment.

A video posted on Twitter on December 13 shows soldiers on both sides not holding guns but fighting hand-to-hand.

In another confrontation after the deadly clash between Chinese and Indian troops in the Galwan valley area on the border between the two countries in June 2020 where 20 Indian soldiers died and the Chinese regime reported four deaths.

After the outbreak of the latest conflict, China-India relations took a turn for the worse. Earlier, some experts told Sound of Hope that, with the support of the United States for Taiwan and the difficulty of fighting across the sea, if the CCP wants to wage war abroad to resolve its domestic crises in the future, a China-India border war will most likely be the first choice.

In recent years, India has steadily increased security cooperation with the United States, Japan, and Australia in the Asia-Pacific region to counter the growing influence of the CCP.

On November 29, the Indian and U.S. militaries conducted a high-altitude exercise in the frigid mountains near the disputed border between China and India.The Voice of America (VOA) pointed out that the exercise reflects the growing defense relationship between India and the United States. Military ties between the United States and India have been increasingly strengthened, and a series of defense agreements have been signed to enhance military cooperation.

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