According to Legal Daily’s Weibo, China Customs shall no longer demand COVID test information for outbound arrivals. The notification sparked a heated debate among netizens.

From August 31, China Customs will apply a new version of the “Incoming Health Declaration Form,” which cancels the requirement for negative nucleic acid certificates and vaccination dates of people on entry and exit. Visitors can report their health status online by filling out a form on WeChat.

Due to this, the current entrance requirement—taking two COVID-19 PCR tests within 48 hours of departure, the second of which must be within 24 hours of departure—will no longer apply. The “zero COVID” policy, however, has not changed.

In response to the announcement, a netizen complained about why citizens of the nation are required to obey the COVID policy but tourists are not.

The person then accused the government of making it difficult for honest people in the country and bullying the weak, and opening the door in the country should be the first priority.

Another netizen also wrote about whether this new method can stop the COVID pandemic from spreading.

On August 24, despite Chongqing reaching above 40 ºC (104 ºF), the government compelled more than 10 million residents of the capital city to undergo a COVID test. The “health code” for these people has been turned orange. They won’t turn green again or be able to move freely until they have completed the COVID test.

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