China’s Minister of Public Security recently held a video conference with some Pacific island nations to discuss cooperation with the Chinese police.

According to Sound of Hope, Taiwanese commentator Wu Jialong said that the Chinese public security minister’s actions were part of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) global expansion strategy, including the target of establishing military bases in the Pacific island nations.

Wu believes that the CCP is seeking to influence the second island chain, including the countries in the South Pacific.

Even the ruling power in China wants to manipulate the countries in the third island chain to weaken and warn Australia, a country close to the U.S.

Guo Yuren, executive director of the National Taiwan Institute of Policy Studies, told Sound of Hope that the CCP’s move is intended to replace Australia’s influence in maintaining law and order in the Pacific island nations.

Guo added that the security situation in the Pacific countries is unstable. Beijing wants to take advantage of this to propose so-called personnel training for the countries. Actually, it wants to borrow a legitimate excuse to control these countries.

Chen Wenjia, director of the National Research Center of Taiwan’s Kainan University, believes that China’s central purpose is to drive the U.S. away from the Indo-Pacific region.

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