China has been intensifying its military drill in the contested Japanese islands over the past week.

According to Japanese media Sankei, the Japanese Ministry of Defense said that on May 7, Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning sailed near the country’s Ishigaki Island, which is 75 miles (120km) from Taiwan.

The Chinese side kept a distance of around 93 miles (150km) from the South of the island. In total, there were four ships with two missile destroyers and one fast combat support ship that appeared that day.

The Ministry said it was the 5th consecutive day that the Chinese aircraft carrier conducted military exercises in the area. The department said the air force has raised its alert and dispatched fighter jets in response.

On May 9, Sankei reported that two Chinese coast guard ships entered the territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands, 93 miles (150km) from Taiwan. One of them carried what appeared to be an autocannon.

This marked the 6th-day Chinese ships intruded the area since April 12. It also was the 24th consecutive day that the Chinese side confirmed vessels presented around the Senkaku Islands.

Taiwan, on May 6 reported the second-largest incursion from Chinese aircraft, which was followed by two smaller incursions on May 7 and 8.

According to CNA, Su Ziyun, a scholar from the Institute for National Research in Taiwan, commented China could be conducting joint training with the Liaoning aircraft carrier battle group.

As the Washington Post reported, Army Gen. Richard Clarke has observed that China is revising its plans with Taiwan after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He believed that by learning from Russia’s mistakes, China may be thinking of a surprise attack, launching a massive assault on Taipei and potentially other vital Taiwanese cities. This would give the international community little time to get in order.

Clarke said that the U.S. should help turn Taiwan into an “indigestible porcupine” with its arms supplies to dispel Beijing’s intention for a physical conflict.

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