Dai Yali, chairman of the Jiangxi Basketball Association has been exposed for sexually abusing minors.

His sexual crime voyage came to light as one of the victims, an under 18-year-old girl, reported his attack to the police, Secret China reported. She was no other than a member of a female basketball team in Nanchang.

Yali was arrested on Dec. 3.

Upon detention, the local officers also uncovered multiple footage of women and underage girls being molested by Yali on his phone and computer devices.

The Jiangxi Basketball Association later removed him from his position. In just hours after his apprehension, its official website erased his “Diyali” chairman name. He was elected in December 2019, per Finance Sina.

An official announcement by the group added that he was also terminated from working as its secretary-general.

In this regard, an employee of the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau said that they operate independently although they are the governing body of the province’s basketball association.

Yali has spent decades working for the association.

He was one of the first basketball referees in Jiangxi in 1970. For a long time, he was the Jiangxi Basketball Association’s Deputy Secretary-General. Then he became the Secretary-General in the 2014 Provincial Basketball Association reelection. He rose to work as the Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General after 2018, and Executive Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General in 2019, and was appointed to the chairman position at the end of 2019.

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