The Central News Agency reported on December 9 that around 100 seafood Taiwanese exporters were blocked from shipping their ocean products to mainland China.

China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) had barred shipments of different products, such as fish, squid, Pacific saury, four-finger threadfin, and other species, without any notification.

President Tsai Ing-wen said China’s approach did not help normalize trade, and the government has adopted measures to ensure fishermen’s livelihood and income and protect their rights and interests.

The website of GACC shows among the 890 seafood products from companies registered in Taiwan, only one has a status of “valid,” and two were “Cancelled.” The remainder were assigned “Suspended import.”

The Agriculture Commission Chairman Chen Jizhong said in a joint media interview on December 9 that China’s regulations were not only for Taiwan but for countries worldwide. He added that as long as the imports are food-related, products must undergo the necessary registration procedure.

You Yulan, a legislator of the Kuomintang, said that Taiwan’s agriculture is second to none. The Council of Agriculture should work hard to assist the export of Taiwan’s agricultural and fishery products. The Chinese government should not hurt the Taiwanese people, and there was no need to boycott Taiwan’s products.

The Taiwan government’s Mainland Affairs Council said, “China hasn’t made any statements or decisions on the applications filed by our businesses.”They added, “The council expresses regret and dissatisfaction with mainland China Customs’ suspension of the export of our aquatic products, without warning over this registration case.”

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