Dangerous situation: Flood suddenly washes away 2 women in Guangxi

The Meteorological Observatory of Nanning City, Guangxi, issued a red warning signal for heavy rain at 17:45 on July 5.

On that day, a Weibo video shows two old neighborhoods in Wuming District flooded. A wall suddenly collapsed in front of a pedestrian. Soon the flood water overflowed between the two neighborhoods, and two women were swept away by the rushing water. The flood has engulfed vehicles; only the roof of the car can be seen. The rescue team rushed to save the two women.

‘Everyone’s effort is equal to the effort useless’: people said about life in Xiamen

Xiamen is a sub-provincial city in Fujian, one of China’s five special economic zones. However, residents live under heavy pressure because everything is too expensive.

The average house price in Xiamen has been ranked fourth in the country. It is second only to Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen. According to “China House Price report” data, as of March 2022, the average price of second-hand houses listed in Xiamen in the past month was $7600 per sq ft.

A video shows a woman who was arrested because her electric motorcycle was unregistered. She was very upset and expressed her feelings to the police. She said, “I tell you, not all children are eligible to have money to sit in a four-wheeled car. Xiamen, this place, how many people have worked hard to stay here, to contribute to the city, to pay and work for the city. But we still don’t have the money.”

Netizens also leave comments about this problem. User Hermit 808 said, “Everyone’s effort is equal to the effort useless.”

The authorities must fear people when they are steadfast

In China, urban management refers to the guidance, overall coordination, and organization of the city’s urban management supervision. They implement the laws and regulations of the country and the city on urban management and maintain the order of urban management.

However, the online video shows that urban management has lost its power when standing in front of a law-savvy citizen.

A video spread on Twitter shows the urban management personnel who went to ask the people not to put things up. However, the people asked the city manager to provide enforcement cards and identify themselves, asking if they were regular employees or temporary workers. The urban management couldn’t give out their personal IDs or explain anything, and looked scared. The people used sharp words to ask the urban management to leave the boundaries of their homes. As a result, the urban management got in their car and left. 

Many netizens left comments about this video. A user mocks, “The city management of our city is still good. They all wait for the hawkers to sell them then verbally drive them away.”

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