Authorities in Datang municipality, Pingtang county, Guizhou province, sent more than 30 policemen to a village to forcibly dig up the body of an elderly woman who was buried last month due to the policies of the Chinese communist regime that decided to ban traditional burials under the pretext of “leaving the land free.”

The woman’s son, a man, surnamed Yang, spoke to the local media, Chuncheng Evening News, on Tuesday, Nov. 2, frustrated by the authorities’ abuse that is commonplace in China.

Out of fear of reprisals, the Chinese do not dare to speak freely when making statements to the media, so Yang said, “I’m OK if they took her away from home, but why did they dig her up after we buried her?”

Yang said it was an insult to have dug up his mother, demanded that her body be returned to him, and asked for financial compensation for the abuse.

However, according to statements by the mayor of that municipality, surnamed Huang, as the law dictates, the older woman’s body was cremated once disinterred, without requiring the authorization or consent of her family.

“As per regulations, after the village committee issued a death certificate, the funeral home cremated Yang’s mother,” Mayor Huang said.

The mayor claims that Yang’s family was “notified” three times about the ban on using the land to bury his mother, but the man refused to obey.

According to the South China Morning Post, it has been a decade since the Chinese Communist Party began banning traditional burials supposedly to “free the land” and adopt “green burials”—that is, cremation of bodies.

However, traditional burials remain popular in the countryside and are part of traditional culture.

The Chinese are accustomed to having a “custom-made” coffin made for the elderly when they reach a certain age and believe that it will bring them good fortune and longevity.

But the Chinese communist regime has no qualms about destroying traditional customs and trampling on people’s most basic rights.

In fact, to force families to stop burying their elders, between 2017 and 2018, authorities in Jiangxi province sent police to seize and destroy custom-made coffins from tens of thousands of homes.

Other reports from Weixin County, Yunnan province, indicate that local officials directly sent to cremate the bodies of at least 11 people in 10 days from October 23 until now.

Data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs points out that more than 5.55 million bodies were cremated last year, accounting for about 56 percent of all deaths in China.

According to independent reports, other darker instances in which the CCP uses forced cremation of bodies are within the evil industry of organ trafficking for transplants, where people have their organs removed while alive to sell them for transplants.

To conceal these crimes and leave no traces, authorities cremate the remains of these innocent victims, declare their deaths as “suicides,” and deliver the ashes to their families if requested.

Among the evidence found by independent investigators, in addition to the disappearance of people, are the large crematoria ovens built near hospitals or prisons where transplant operations are performed.

According to the China expert journalist and author of one of these reports, Ethan Gutmann, today in China, at least 100 innocent people are killed every day to remove their organs and sell them for transplants.

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