Shanghai’s embargo has had a significant impact on other locations, and the number of people who perished due to Shanghai’s closure is unknown.

On May 7, a netizen shared three screenshots of a private chat they had with Dr. Li, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Guangdong General Hospital, Class III. He said they couldn’t perform any more operations as they had no foreign artificial blood vessels because of the backlog of goods in Shanghai.

Dr. Li said it would cost a lot of people their lives. He further clarified that because the quality of domestic artificial blood vessels isn’t up to standard, they have long since ceased operating.

Hospitals are now relying on imported artificial blood vessels. Previously, everything had to go through Shanghai port customs. Shanghai is now blockaded, with no way to transfer products out, and everything is stuck in Shanghai.

According to the cardiovascular surgeon, this is the scenario in Guangdong; other regions are likely to be similar.

How many individuals in China require this type of surgery?

This February, Zhou Macheng’s research team published their latest research at the Chinese CDC.

According to the China Cardiovascular Disease and Health Report 2020, China now has around 330 million individuals with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular illnesses. The number includes 13 million strokes, more than 11 million coronary heart diseases, nearly 9 million heart failure diseases, almost 5 million cardiovascular disorders, 5 million cardiopulmonary diseases, 2.5 million low-grade heart diseases, 2 million heart disease congenital heart diseases, and 45 million lower extremity artery disease and 245 million with high blood pressure.

The report also shows that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China have increased in the past ten years. In 2020 alone, about 4.6 million people died from these diseases in China. Among the conditions mentioned, only high blood pressure and cardiovascular disorders can be treated with drugs; the rest require surgery.

Surgery may be required for serious high blood pressure cases. As a result, it is estimated that the number of people who need cardiovascular and cerebrovascular surgery each year could not be less than hundreds of thousands, even up to one million.

On average, tens of thousands of people need surgery every month, but surgeons are now temporarily unable to operate. Because there are no artificial blood vessels and no surgery, many await death.

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