The Chinese regime announced sanctions on U.S. defense contractors Raytheon and Lockheed Martin for arms sales to Taiwan on Monday. The same event happened two years ago.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin announced the “sanctions” on Feb. 21 at a daily news briefing. He cited the newly passed Anti-Foreign Sanctions Act, which took effect in 2021, without giving details.

Wang Wenbin claimed the decision was in retaliation to the United States’ ratification of a $100 million pact between the two corporations to maintain Taiwan’s missile defense system.

Although the U.S. does not have an official connection with Taiwan, it is its most important ally. It has escalated arms shipments in recent years, which has enraged China. According to U.S. law, the government must assure that Taiwan can defend itself.

Military and dual-use technologies with both defense and commercial applications sold to China are restricted by Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and other defense industry behemoths. They do, however, have large civilian enterprises, and China, among other industries, is a huge market.

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