A newly released report from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) showed that China and Russia have been developing anti-satellite weapons that could pose a risk to the space assets of the U.S. and its allies. The report also pointed out that Chinese and Russian space expansion has grown significantly in recent years.
The DIA’s “Challenges to Security in Space 2022” report, dated April 12, states that the satellite fleets China and Russia have sent into space orbit increased by 70 percent from 2019 to 2021.
Such growth came under China and Russia’s intention to reduce U.S. technological reliance on space-based infrastructure and improve military space applications.
The report stated, “Space is being increasingly militarized,” adding that “some nations have developed, tested, and deployed various satellites and some counterspace weapons.”
DIA officials said the report would help the U.S. defense leaders make appropriate decisions about how to operate in space.
In a statement regarding the report’s release, DIA Director Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier said, “The loss of space-based communication and navigation services could have a devastating impact on warfighters during a conflict.”
He added, “That’s one of the most serious scenarios anticipated. A secure, stable and accessible space domain is crucial as China and Russia’s space-based capabilities and electronic-warfare activities continue to grow.”
The report comes as Beijing is making a deliberate effort to build a comprehensive space and counter-space capabilities arsenal. The regime’s recent white papers on its space program outlined its desire to become the premier space power.
The South China Morning Post reported that China would integrate space science, technology, and applications in the next five years while pursuing new development targets accelerating the race with the U.S.
The DIA report also noted that the regime’s People Liberation Army has conducted cyberespionage to increase its technological and know-how capabilities against U.S. and European satellite and aerospace industries since, at least, 2007.
According to Voice of America, analysts say the Chinese military is likely to use its militarized space technology to seek control in the disputed East and South China Seas and gradually expand its power into the high seas of the Western Pacific.

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