Amid the West’s pressure on China and Russia over the Ukraine conflict, Qin Gang, China’s ambassador to the U.S., defended Beijing’s tight connections with Moscow, adding that U.S.-China-Russia relations are not going anywhere due U.S. pressures.

The ambassador posted an article on the National Interest, on Monday, April 18, saying, “A worse Russia-U.S. relationship does not mean a better China-U.S. relationship, and likewise, a worse China-Russia relationship does not mean a better U.S.-Russia relationship, either.”

However, his country has declined to call Moscow’s military operation an invasion and has frequently backed Russia at the United Nations.

Qin said that Washington and its partners were imposing financial, commercial, and personal sanctions on Russia and implied that if China sought to get around them, it would face sanctions.

He said, “Some people are wielding the stick of sanctions against China to coerce the renunciation of its independent foreign policy of peace.”

“Some are clamoring about a “Beijing-Moscow Axis” in a dangerous misinterpretation of China-Russia relations, asking China to bear responsibility for the crisis.”

Qin’s statements come as China cannot convince Western countries of its neutrality and peace approach to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. As the South China Morning Post reported, China might fear that Washington could use Russia’s economic sanctions against China, too.

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