Liao Guoxun, China port city Tianjin mayor, died suddenly due to an undisclosed illness at 59; China experts speculated the cause of death was something else.

According to Caixin Global news, on April 28, Liao Guoxun, who was also deputy party chief of the coastal city directly administered under China’s central government, passed away despite emergency rescue efforts.”

On April 29, a GETTR social account named Miles Guo shared his inside of Liao Guoxun’s death, saying Liao’s sudden death was actually done by someone else.

On April 30, a post revealed a deeper story on the “News Investigation” Twitter account.

Massive reports of Liao Guoxun took a bribe from two nucleic acid testing companies: Tianjin Kangxinuo and Tianjin Jiu’an Medical.

Liao Guoxun committed suicide in the office in the afternoon after being visited by Central Commission for Discipline Inspection people. His confidant was also found dead of apparent suicide shortly before.

The CCTV clip from the anti-pollution meeting on April 25 showed Tianjin Communist Party Chief Li Hongzhong and other party leaders, including Liao.

Liao Guoxun looked healthy; the death was sudden. On a side note, many people got arrested, including Ministry of Railways officials, Customs Office, and Wang Qishan’s friends at the Central Bank Hainan and HNA Group.

Liao served as Tianjin’s mayor for one year and eight months before his passing on April 26. The “sudden illness” that reportedly caused Liao’s death remained undisclosed when Chinese media reported it.

A strange detail is Der Spiegel Pursuit, a German news broke his death 2 hours before any official media announcement, saying that Liao Guoxun committed suicide.

As Miles Guo speculated, this is not political infighting; it’s indeed the “political movement,” and it has continued since the early days of this current Chinese regime.

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