Chinese police attempt to illegally check resident’s ID card

The video shows the argument between police and a resident regarding an ID card check. The incident took place in a subway station. While the police want to check the ID card, a citizen keeps asking him what’s the basis for the card check. 

The police answer that it is based on the People’s Police Law.

The resident replies that he is a lawyer, and according to law, ID cards can be checked in several places, such as docks, train stations, airports, and other special public places. The subway is not included in the list.

The police say he can reflect this to the Ministry of Public Security.

The resident tells the police he will not reflect anything. He asks where the police have power to check his ID card, and he is not suspected of committing a crime. The police say as a Chinese citizen, the resident should cooperate with the police when they enforce a law.

They keep arguing for a while, and suddenly, the police officer strikes the resident’s hand.

While asking for group buying permission, woman gets her hand slammed in door

The incident takes place in Green Cloud Garden, Dangdong (丹东 dāndōng) city, Liaoning (辽宁 Liáoníng) province.

A woman came to the community secretary Yu Bo (于波 yúbō) to ask to join group buying. However, the secretary disagrees. The reason is she must have a guarantee unit to confirm her permission, and she can ask another person named Tang Dawei (唐大伟 tángdàwěi). Yu Bo says he leaves this matter to Dawei.

The woman says that when she gets permission from the guarantee unit, will the secretary agree to her group buying.

Yu Bo refuses her request and tells her to ask the superior. The woman replies that she won’t ask the superior; she wants to ask Yu Bo now.

The secretary says she doesn’t need to ask him because he disagrees.

The video shows both sides arguing about the group buying permission for more than 3 minutes until the secretary suddenly closes the door, jamming the woman’s hand. He leaves her screaming out in pain.

Little anti-epidemic force

On July 9 in Shanghai, a group of children were dressed in anti-epidemic blue uniforms by their parents. 

The video shows children lining up and marching through the neighborhood. The children also wave their flags and walk happily. A cameraman is filming the whole process, and some adults are following them.

A netizen comments that it looks like the city has to be closed again.

Another says it is a sad nation that keeps on looping.

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