According to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, residents in Changsha city of Henan province have demonstrated in front of a BYD factory for days because of its environmental impact.

Citizens have been protesting against the pungent paint smell emanating from the plant. It was so bad that they said it affected their health and caused nosebleeds. The protestors also waved around pictures of children having nosebleeds.

On May 7, a person by the pseudonym Li Hao said parents are protesting as many children near the BYD plant suffered the condition. They believed it was related to the factory’s sewage discharge.

Luo Jing, a resident near the BYD factory, said people have tried to appeal to authorities about the pollution, but nothing has been done. Luo said the police had also been to the scene.

On the official website of the Hunan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, a document dated May 8, 2021 confirmed that the paint smell in the painting workshop of the BYD factory in Changsha was severe and affected the lives of residents.

However, BYD’s exhaust gas monitoring and self-commissioned test results showed that its emissions meet the standard.

The document stated that the emission that meets the standard does not mean there will be no waste gas emitted, especially in the case of poor air diffusion conditions. The emission that meets the standard will also impact the surrounding environment. The agency determined that it is within the controllable range because it meets the relevant national standards.

A resident living near the BYD plant using the pseudonym Wang Ping said that the factory had been intensifying production since last month, with about 30,000 to 40,000 more employees. She believed that the facility has been releasing more pollutants into the air because of this.

Wang said the community living around the plant was populous. She said a dozen communities and a dozen schools with at least 10,000 to 20,000 children and 100,000 to 200,000 residents living there.

According to China’s national automobile manufacturing plant health protection standard, the distance between the factory and the residential area ranges from 1000 feet to 16,500 feet. But Wang said that some communities are only one road away from the factory, or less than 330 feet away.

Wang said many people had suffered respiratory problems. She had experienced severe nasal congestion, rhinitis, throat inflammation, chest tightness, and chest pain. Her children, meanwhile, often get stomach pains, dizziness, and leg discomfort.

The resident said people have been protesting for days.

BYD is a manufacturing company that produces electronics and automobiles. The Shenzhen-based firm is also the largest world maker of electric vehicles.

The Securities Times reported on May 4 that BYD sold around 106,000 vehicles in April, more than three times higher than for the same period last year.

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