‘Chicken cup’ a 500-year-old treasure of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty

The imperial kiln made the rare cup of China’s Ming dynasty, known simply as the “chicken cup.” It is one of the most expensive Chinese cultural relics ever auctioned.

The motif on the chicken cup includes only a rooster and hen, but it has a special value of up to $35 million. Wealthy collectors hunt this ceramic treasure because it retains its original shape after 500 years. Besides, it was a kind of favorite thing of kings at that time.

The cup is currently part of wealthy Chinese businessman Liu Yiqian’s antique collection. Liu purchased the chicken cup in 2014 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction for $35.6 million (HKD280 million).

Several individuals had owned the artifact before Liu Yiqian. In the 1950s, the cup was owned by British collector Leopold Dreyfus. In the 1980s, it came to Japan. A Japanese art dealer named Gor Sakamoto conducted an auction of his pieces in 1999. The artifact sold for about HK$30 million (about $3.82 million), which at the time set a record for Chinese ceramics.

Tiny chickens have become a pet craze in China

The smallest chicken in the world, a previously unknown crossbreed, has sparked a pet frenzy among animal enthusiasts in China.

According to SCMP, Rutin chicken has been trending recently. A quick search on TikTok will provide thousands of videos from enthusiasts. Taobao, the largest online shopping site in China, also has many types of rutin chickens for sale.

Rutin chickens are a cross between a quail and a partridge. It is about the size of an average human fist and weighs only about 50 grams (0.11 pounds). Although this is a small breed of chicken, they lay many eggs. Many people keep these pets in dollhouses as productive egg layers. These dollhouses are fully decorated with lights, plants, stairs, and even sleeping places.

SCMP quoted one owner saying on the Tiktok platform, “Check out my pet chickens in my living room. They’re not only lovely to look at but also supply eggs. I have something to eat tonight.”

It is really interesting to have a pet that can supplement food in the house. It will be helpful if people are suddenly unable to leave their homes because of pandemic control requirements from the authorities.

The sky in Runan, Henan is ‘clearly separated;’ Half of the sky is blue and the other half is cloudy

Some recent photos on Chinese social media show a strange image in the sky over Runan county, Henan province.
According to Chinese media, this phenomenon happened on October 14. The sky has two distinct parts, a blue sky on one side and a white cloud on the other with a sharp demarcation line. This phenomenon is generally caused by wind shear at high altitude.

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