Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was on September 10. China Central Television broadcasted the “Mid-Autumn Festival Gala” that night. This should have been a happy night, but people in the city of Jining and Shandong province, were living in a very difficult situation and called for help during CCTV’s live broadcast. (A series of videos in the CCTV program)

The RFA newspaper captured the CCTV broadcast with people from Jining calling for help, “Please save the children, the coordinate is Jining.”

Some netizens pointed out that the local government had taken the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, and children elsewhere for isolation.”

Another complained that for a week all they had was three meals of instant noodles per day.

In addition to leaving messages calling for help Jining residents also revealed details of other issues in local pandemic prevention on the internet. The isolation conditions were terrible. Some citizens that the abandoned factory they were put in had rotting doors, the blankets were moldy, the conditions were extremely unhealthy.

In addition, netizens also pointed out that Jining officials do not manage logically, all residents of the same building stayed together because they were identified as close-contact cases, even buildings with no close-contact cases were also dragged to isolation.

According to the data from the Jining City Health Commission, for September 11, the whole city recorded 1 new case and 13 new local asymptomatic cases.

At a press conference held in the city on September 10, officials apologized for many citizens being locked up in quarantine points during the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, citizens pointed out on social media that they could not contact the local mayor’s hotline and other communication channels, and the information feedback channel was blocked. Official apologies are only superficial.

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