The CCP has always sought ways to manipulate the masses through the media. Currently, the strategy seems to come from using Ban Yue Tan, a News Agency founded by the CCP’s mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency, to put its opposition stance against Xi Jinping on display in various articles, according to Visión Times.

The CCP has always directed the thinking to be followed by the masses, and the media such as the People’s Daily, Beijing Daily, Tianjin Daily, Chongqing Daily, Jiefang Daily, Nanfang Daily, and Liberation Army Daily have always used the same narrative in favor of their leader.

But, two CCP spokespersons contradict Xi Jinping’s governance: Ban Yue Tan and Study Times, who seem to follow the line that the CCP Central Committee orders them to make the CCP leader not get a win in his re-election.

For example, Ban Yue Tan, in his article, emphasizes a deep economic crisis in China that Xi is failing to control. “The roots of a stable economy are not yet solid, and a package of policies should be inserted to the end,” he said. 

Ban indicates that China will not reach its annual growth of 5.5% because the Omicron pandemic has spread to many first-tier cities, affecting all aspects of production and investment.

But in 2021, Xinhuanet also published articles highlighting shortcomings in the policies implemented by Xi, “Salary delayed, bonus deducted: some townships keep running, it is difficult to cash in.”

On the other hand, when the official CCP magazine Qiushi published the Chinese leader’s speech, “Learn the “Four Histories,” keep the original heart and mission forever.”

Ban Yue Tan did not publish Xi’s speech and instead published an article titled, “Take the assessment to speak, cadres can go up and down.”

The answer to why this new party media narrative was initiated lies with the three members of the Standing Committee of the CCP Political Bureau who are in charge of ideology and propaganda: Li Changchun, Liu Yunshan, and Wang Huning, all of whom were promoted by Jiang Zemin, former secretary-general of the Chinese Communist Party and former leader of the People’s Republic of China, (1989-2002).

Jiang is denounced in the world by several human rights groups and religious movements as the principal architect, and is responsible for the most terrible persecutions and crimes against people because of their faith, especially followers of the ancient meditation practice known as Falun Dafa, or Falun Gong. Jiang was a ruler who established himself in power after the ruthless murder of young pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Promotion and propaganda of the CCP are carried out by Jiang’s factions both internally and externally

At the international level, this faction is trying to leave evidence of the flaws in Xi’s governing style. This is the case of an article where Wang Yiming, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People’s Bank of China, told Bloomberg at the China Quarterly Macroeconomic Forum on June 25 that China’s annual growth target of 5.5% will be difficult to achieve.

Wang’s comments to the media outlet followed Xi’s announcement that the GDP target would be met despite economists’ concerns over Covid-19’s strict policies, which they said would ruin the Asian country’s economy.

Currently, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Qiushi, and the official website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection have published articles with the same title, “Winning the Battle Against Corruption in a Comprehensive and Persistent Maneuver.

This unusual exposure shows that the CCP will enter a period of fighting corruption before the 20th National Congress. As Sound of Hope reported, Xi Jinping will use this to remove all political obstacles to continue in power.

And that Xiao Jianhua will be tried in Shanghai, being the most powerful card in Xi’s hands to repress the Shanghai gang, i.e., the Jiang faction.

However, Apollo News reported that since 1995, senior officials had been required to declare their income, ownership of the real estate and stocks, their spouses and children moving abroad, and their spouses and children conducting business.

“Senior cadres in the Chinese [Communist] state are rich in assets, and they are afraid, so they hide these assets overseas, but the vast majority of this money is not properly obtained. If they declare these assets, they are handing over their handles to the leaders,” said Li Hengqing, an economist and director of the Institute for Information and Strategy, a nongovernmental organization in Washington.

The CCP Central Committee is willing to control the cadres, and the best way is to uncover their crimes.

During Jiang’s more than ten years in office, he and his clan have been engaged in “making a fortune in silence” through corruption. Thus, the CCP is full of corrupt officials, according to Apollo News.

The relentless anti-corruption purge is overtaking the media smear campaign against Xi. China’s current leader wants to control the CCP propaganda machine further ahead of the 20th National Congress. He has replaced several officials from the Central Policy Research Office, the CCP propaganda machine department, the Central Propaganda Department, the CCP radio and television regulatory agency, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, even the CCP state news agency, and even from the Xinhua News Agency, according to Vision Times.

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